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Welcome to Think Track's Website!

Bennett Taylor's purpose is to help business leaders and small to mid-size organizations turn goals into reality by better navigating challenges standing in the way of achieving business goals.  Customized, high quality coaching and training focuses on:

  • hiring the right people and eliminating costly bad hiring decisions

  • achieving a high level of interviewing confidence, skills and results

  • improving the ability of business leaders to attain goals

  • assisting  business leaders to navigate challenging situations

  • using outplacement to insure an executive’s smooth exit/transition

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Think Track Services

"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs" 

Services are provided onsite, online or in Think Track's office located across the North Central Expressway from Southern Methodist University's main campus.

- Henry Ford

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Strategic Hiring Training for Organizations

Training for organizations on attracting, recruiting and onboarding the most qualified candidates while reducing costly and frustrating hiring mistakes.

Interview Training

Training that leads to a significantly higher level of interviewing confidence, skills and results.   

Coaching for Leaders on Improving Workplace Performance

Coaching for business leaders wanting to improve workplace performance by becoming more proficient with the ABCs (Accountability, Behavior and Communication).

 Accountability - Who holds you accountable?

 Behavior How do you behave when things don't go well?

 CommunicationWhat is your preferred listening style?

Executive Outplacement Training & Coaching

Training and coaching that provides the executive whose employment has been terminated with a bridge between the trauma of termination and the attainment of suitable new employment.

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