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Behavioral Assessments

Think Track incorporates a wide-range of respected, validated and well-known self-assessment tools in its training and coaching processes.  These tools help

improve perception, perspective and understanding.



SDI 2.0  (Strengths Deployment Inventory)


​​Results through Relationships


The SDI 2.0 is now a single assessment that produces four interrelated views of a person.

1. Motivational Value System (MVS) - a personality type when things are going well.

2. Conflict Sequence - a personality type when experiencing conflict.

3. Strengths Portrait - a ranking of productive strengths used at work.

4. Overdone Strengths Portrait - a ranking of non-productive strengths used a work.

16pf - Personality Factors  

The 16pf® Questionnaire is a reliable tool for talent selection and development.  It was developed by British psychologist Dr. Raymond Cattel who had a solid background in the physical sciences.  


The 16pf assesses what a person will do, not just what they can do.  It measures

16 different primary personality characteristics structured around the “Big Five” global factors of personality.


The 16pf Competency Report encourages structured and insightful interviews with prompts based upon an individual’s report results. 



Everything DiSC®  


Everything DiSC® assessment tools provide insights into people’s natural and adaptable behavior styles based on their personality type..   The foundation of DiSC® was first described by Harvard educated Dr. William Moulton Marston in his 1928 book, Emotions of Normal People.  Marston, a psychologist, lawyer, inventor, teacher and author, identified what he called four “primary emotions”.


A persons DiSC® style is a blend of the following four personality types:


  • Dominance:  direct, strong-willed and forceful

  • Influence:  sociable, talkative and lively

  • Steadiness:  gentle, accommodating and soft-hearted

  • Conscientious:  private, analytical and logical


Everything DiSC® Assessmen Profiles:

  • Workplace

  • Management

  • 360® for Leaders

  • Work of Leaders

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