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“Life is the sum of all your choices” 

      - Albert Camus, French author and philosopher

Think Track Model™  (TTM)

The Think Track Model™ is an easy-to-use strategic framework that employs systems thinking.  Systems thinking is a process that greatly clarifies how things, within a whole, influence one another. 


Executives and professionals world-wide have used the TTM to make more informed business and life choices.  It reduces complex issues into more simplified and manageable elements. 


The TTM serves as an effective and organized way to integrate a large amount of data and greatly accelerates the speed at which data can be examined, integrated and understood.  It helps stimulate introspection, explore options and establish priorities.

The TTM fosters focused and meaningful dialogue.  It helps define expectations, fine-tune perceptions and balance rational and emotional thinking.


The TTM helps leaders and teams clarify and visualize successful outcomes.  It incorporates a language of numbers and colors to pinpoint the satisfaction level of individuals and teams.  The model helps to more clearly understand the point of view of others. 



Think Track History

Think Track was founded in 1997 by Bennett Taylor, a Career Management Fellow.  The firm relocated to Miami one year after starting-up in Tampa.  Miami clients included Barclay’s Latin America Regional Office, CBRE Richard Ellis Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Guardianship Program of Dade County.  Think Track relocated to Dallas in the spring of 2014. 

"The real problem lies not in the physical constraints imposed by the external world but in the constraints 

of our own mind"

      - Peter Russell, revolutionary futurist, author, and keynote speaker

Bennett Taylor - Founder

Bennett Taylor has served as a professional resource for executives, entrepreneurs and organizations for over 40 years.  He created the Think Track Model™.


Bennett's skill-set, leadership experience and the Think Track Modelhas prepared him to effectively coach executives and entrepreneurs who want to become more successful.  He has worked with successful executives and entrepreneurs, large multi-national organizations, small-to-mid size businesses, high profile professional firms, and nonprofits.

Bennett led an entrepreneurial CEO group in Miami from 2000 to 2005 that was engaged in personal, professional and organizational growth.

He was appointed a Career Management Fellow (CMF) in 1996 by the Institute of Career Certification International.  Bennett became a TotalSDI Certified Facilitator in 2017. 


Bennett founded Think Track in 1997 while serving as Managing Director of Tampa-based Executive Group, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in executive outplacement and coaching that he founded in 1978.  He opened and initially managed branch offices throughout Florida and in Dallas and Los Angeles.  


Executive Group's Texas clients included Mercantile Bank of Dallas, HEB Grocery Company and Southland Corporation. Florida clients included Tampa Electric, Tampa General Hospital, Disney World, Harris Corporation, Square D and Maas Brothers Department Stores (now part of Macy’s).

He was recruited from Coca-Cola by Ott, Hertner, Ott and Associates, a Miami-based management consulting firm.  He soon led their executive placement division, Executive Source, Inc., a team of professionals that made numerous domestic and international executive level placements.

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